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Yes,this is yet *Another* RPG,but this one is loosely(very loosely) based on the Robin of Sherwood tv series..Besides the classic Robin hood characters,you can also be any type of magic user,non-human character,or anything your imagination can think up (sorry,no immortals).Of course,we have to have rules,but they're arent many and they're all pretty much common sense..
.1) NO controlling other people's characters,thats the big one..
.2) No foul language or insulting players unless its necessary for the role playing..In other words,the Golden Rule applies here.
.and 3)No 'Adult' rpging..I'm a hopeless romantic but theres a line between romance and porn..you know what I mean..

Ok..Another which has recently come to my attention is thread posts and i am afriad I will have to get a little mean about this....Yes..this list is *based* on the tv series Robin Of sherwood..If any of you arent familiar with the show thats ok..we on the list will be happy to fill you in and get you started..HOWEVER...there are other threads on this list that are still set in sherwood or medieval in nature or even *Robin Hoodish* but will have nothing to do with the tv series..Just because the outlaw threads are slow or stalled does not mean I will stop or stall the other threads..If your characters are not involved in a particular thread and you want to read them anyway then please sit back and enjoy..We have some creative people on this list..If you dont,then please feel free to erase any thread posts you know your characters arent involved in and dont think anyone's feelings are going to be hurt.. ..BUT..please do not critizise other characters or other threads ESPECIALLY if you arent involved in it and the characters who are are obviously enjoying themselves...That I consider EXTREMELY RUDE.I have had trouble with that before and if you're on my list I will certianly not let you be harassed just because someone doesnt like what your character is doing.. ..As long as the players pretty much stick to the general medieval sherwood theme,I will tell no player how to play thier characters or what they can and cant do with thier thread.. NOW...That wasnt so bad,was it? Below you'll find a list of the taken and available characters..I am also adding characters unique to the RoS series..but you can also make up your own..simply send me your character form for whatever character you want to play and once I approve it,you can jump right in..Thanks and Have Fun


Lady Katherine of Dolbyshire
Brenna Wolfe and the Black Wolfe


TAKEN...... Robin Hood-me
Meg of Wickham-Sadie
Ralph of Huntingdon
Little John-Lynne
Will Scarlett-Steph
...AVAILABLE CHARACTERS............... ((and there are probably more I havent rememebred yet..))
Friar Tuck
Sherriff of Nottingham
Guy of Gisbourne
OWEN OF CLUN-Your typical overbearing,drunken,loud mouthed and hedonistic warlord.But also courageous,if not so smart,and can call upon any number of berserker warriors to aid him at any time...A minor Celtic lord that the king wanted to win his favor so he tried to barter the life of a young noblewoman for rights to cross his lands..that noblewoman just happened to be Marion and Robin rescued her..Needless to say,hates Robin with a passion, and will do anything to see him dead..
SIR ABBOT HUGO -.Was Marions guardian for a time...Younger than the sherriff,he went into the Church as his chosen career and has made good for himself his mid ranked position assures him of relative comfort..He's greedy,very harsh in his judgements and is really only concerned wiht the appearance of propriety than any actual morals..Robin has robbed him several times and now he hates Robin as much as his brother does..
ALLISON of Wickham-Edward's wife..Long dark curly hair,every bit the leader her husband is..sharp of tongue and of wit,doesnt like the fact her children seem to be running half wild in sherwood,follwing Robin around.But loves her family and her children very much and is undaunted when it comes to the defense of either..
MATTHEW-edward's Son..reddish blonde hair,about 12 or 13..Adores Robin and will occasioanlyl act as messenger between he and the vilages..tries to avoid his little sister Mina who follows him like a shadow but rather enjoys getting into trouble with her..

MARTIN-A friendly enugh young man,blonde,light eyes..medium build..a vilager that tried to rob robin but ended up joining him..Quiet and keeps to himself and seems to be always smiling..
MOFF-Dark,stringy hair..rough beard..One of Adam Bell's men.Much more ruthless and violent than his leader Adam,moff and Will are old enemies...Will rescued moff only ot have moff betray him and leave him to die..Now the two men bear a grudge that will only end when one of them is dead..
ADAM BELL-Dark hair touched by grey,light eyes,in pretty good shape even after all this time..an older versian of robn hood..late fourties,early fifties..he was the original noble outlaw..but now in his waning years all he hears is the name robin Hood and so has turned to robbing the rich and keeping for himself..for his own personal fame and glory..a seruous rival to not only Robin but his men indiscriumately rob innocnet villagers and monks too..
MAD MAB-Said to be either insane or a witch,Mab is actually both.having witness the murder of her husband by his own brother she fled into the wood for sanctuary.Actually she was not only a noblewoman but is robin's aunt,though from her disheveled,filthy apearance you'd never know..lives witt her pigs in sherwood,doing a bit of healing for those that come to ask but always asking a price and always speaking in riddles..Has a familiar..a black pig named Rutterkin..
CARTER-A local vilager who helps Robin by spying and sneaking goods,and often outlaws in and out of notthingham wiht his hay cart..Sandy blonde hair,light eyes,decnetly built and could be caled handsome if he cleaned himself up..Much smarter than he looks and can play dumb with the best of them..Almost irreverant sense of humor.
TOM THE FLETCHER-Dark curly hair,blue eyes,medium build..Quiet but seems to be intelligent and patient..a thinker..Tends to worry a bit much about the Robin's plans but loyal and brave. Robin's early days as an outlaw and one of his good friends..a fletcher by trade was imprisoned for poaching then broke out of the dungeon to becomne one of the original members of robin's men..


About the tv series this rpg is based on..Great image section,quotes,episode guide and links to other RH sites..Thanks for the pics..<G>
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