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CHARACTER NAME:Marin of Haversage---Marin is in her early 20's,shoulder length blonde hair and sky blue eyes...Pretty but dresses in clothes more appropriate for a village girl or thief...she is originally from Holstead,a village that was destroyed so that the local nobles in favor with the prince could have a closer road to London...She was only 10 but she remembers well when her father and some of the other men tried to buy them some time,and were cut down like animals...she then found refuge with some extended family in Haversage where she met Little john before his outlaw days and became friends with his sister,Katherine...But a few months later,soldiers passed thru and Marin paniced and ran again,she later found a place with Maeve,the last of a line of Celtic druids and healers....After she died,Marin once again turned to thoughts of avening her father's death and that led her t find first Will and then be reunited wiht John..shes joined robins gang and is unswervingly loyal but still has ideas of her own and is fiercly independant..Marin cares very much for people in general and her good intentions often get her into trouble..

Mid teens,brownish blonde hair and green eyes...Lyra is old enough to marry but when her father actually dared to try to try to arrange a marriage for her,the stubborn girl ran away..she is a first class con artist,thief as well as being a dedicated adrenalin junkie..Lyra actuaLLY wants to help people..she just wants ot have some fun while shes doing it...

NAME: Lady Katherine DolbyShire KATHERINE's PIC Description::Lady katherine is your typical nobleman's daughter..Flighty,spoiled by a doting father,easily bored, and can be arogant when she wants to be..always wants to be up on the current gossip and fashions of courtlife and it hasnt occurred to her yet that not everyone is as blessed as she..Now that she is of marriageable age,her father has sent her to visit the family friends in the hopes of finding her a likely husband..but she has gotten held over in Notthingham for reasons she doesnt yet understand..But instead of being upset,Katherine has surprisngly found more gossip and intrigue in this small shire enough to kepe her distracted for a long while..

NAME: Mina of Wickham,daughter of village elder Edward and sister of Runt.
Mina of Wickham
DESCRIPTION: Short, and slight,even for a 9 yr old child.Short cute nose,complete with freckles,Mina is never as innocent as she looks...Always wears her thick dark hair in two pigtails but some rebellious strands are always falling into her wide dark blue eyes which always twinkle with mischief..Mina is the youngest of 8 siblings and so is always the last to be considerd by well meaning but busy adults of the village.Constantly,foloowing in his shadow.,she adores her brother Runt who is the closest in age to her, and loves to make mischief both with him and for him...Mina is a typical 9 yr old little girl and is a bit naive,due to her young years....she can be sensitive and caring as well as just plain stubborn..the child is loyal to a fault, and,like her father and brother,is tenacious in anything she sets her mind to..however,also due to her lack of experience,she is a bit gullible and once she decides someone if a frined,will fgo out of her way to help them and defend them,unless proven otherwise by her own eyes..

DESCRIPTION:Shenshen is a faerylike creature called a preserver..Created by the Earth mothers themselves,she and her kind have only one true magic purpose--to encase a still living person or animal in a thick soft webbing(NOTE..NEVER get into a spitting contest with a preserver..) and make them sleep..thereby putting them in suspended animation...However,only a couple of humans and wizards know the command to force shenshen to do this and otherwise It is its own master.....About the size of an average human hand,Shenshen is blue all over from the tip of its nose to to its toes..with the exception of lovely mulitcolored wings and a small brown hat...Neither male or female in appearance,magical auras have an odd side effect on it..they act like a drug and when in the Stone circle or around a wizard,can get "high". after prolonged exposure,might even get a faery's hangover..
PERSONALITY:Affectionately caled "Bug" Shenshen is a carefree and rather scatterbrained creature who is convinced that all 'Highthings" (i.e.humans,elves,grumgreegles and anything over 12 inches tall) cannot live without it ..Believing it is her sacred Mother-given quest to protect and guard them,she is relentless in her Airhead-kind of way..She has made Lyra her mistress ,sort of,because the girl never asks anything of her and feeds her sweet honeysuckle dew,another druglike substancee for preservers..then she followed Keefee first to pester him and then to help him on his quest.. NOTE::There is another 'race' if you can call it that,of presegvers called Dark Preservers who are usually found in the service of evil wizards and dark elves and the like..

NAME:ELENA,of wickham
DESCRIPTION:Pretty,dark haired village girl..17 and proud of her simple country roots,fiercely independant and just at the age when she knows the adventures of youth are being replaced by the responsibilites of adulthood..she doesnt mind but when her father announced he had betrothed her to the blacksmith son she snuck away to have one last now with otsy the wizard..Fully intends to go home..but only when shes ready to...