Name: Lady Kaeren (or Karen, if that's easier for you) Age: 18 Appearance: Waist-length, pale blond hair, hard brown eyes and pale skin. She is a very lithe woman who wastes no energy on extra movement. Everything is calculated, practiced, and pragmatic. She dresses often in yellows and dark greens. Personality: Kaeren is an eloquent speaker and well accustomed to the subtleties of the court. She is secretive and commanding, but puts on a good show of lady-like behaviors when required. She is a great patron of the arts and very knowledgeable about plants. She is ruthlessly ambitious. History: The only child of a Lord in Lincolnshire (whose lands border that of the Sheriff's), Kaeren's mother died soon after Kaeren's birth. Her father was a sickly man and it fell to her to run the keep. She has come now to Nottingham to see the Prince and to look for suitors to improve her lot in life. Most of her history is shrouded in mystery, and she has done little to shed any light on it. She has recently hired Alan-A-Dale as her minstrel, though he is beginning to long for the open road and freedom he had before (although he stays, as the Lady Kaeren's purse is a deep one.)

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