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Lady Elizabeth Winters, 21 years old, goddess-like appearance and body. Blond, long curled mane, white porcelain skin, seablue eyes, tall and elegant. She is heiress to a significant fortune by both his father and mother's side, she is orphan since a little child and was raised by Lady Sarah Douglas, confidant to her father and guardian of the family fortune. (or so Lord Winters' will specified). She's acquinted with magic, occultism and alchemy. She knows celtic lore but she has always acted like a decent well raised catholic. She has many suitors but recently she has been very close to Prince John, who she met in one chevalry contest in London and the prince was immediately dazzled and charmed by her presence. She's stubborn, selfish and egocentric but she is able to hide all this as a consumated actress and she can be as adorable as she needs in order to get her way with everybody. Men mostly. There is a rumour she has slept with every handsome man that has crossed her path, just for the hell of it, and some not too handsome men to get something from them, but a look to her angelic _expression will be enough to make the lover to be believe she's a virgin that should be praised on the knees.
Sir Jeremy of Lancashire.- Suitor to the hand of Lady Marion. He is a good but too innocent old man that can be controlled easily. The Sheriff has brought him to marry Lady Marion and through him get a hand on all Marion's possessions. With Sir Jeremy, Robert De Rainault can be the power behind the chair, for the man will do anything the good sheriff advices him to do. Anything