NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER..... Marin of Haversage-Lynne--Marin is in her early 20's,shoulder length blonde hair and sky blue eyes...Pretty but dresses in clothes more appropriate for a village girl or thief...she is originally from Holstead,a village that was destroyed so that the local nobles in favor with the prince could have a closer road to London...She was only 10 but she remembers well when her father and some of the other men tried to buy them some time,and were cut down like animals...she then found refuge with some extended family in Haversage where she met Little john before his outlaw days and became friends with his sister,Katherine...But a few months later,soldiers passed thru and Marin paniced and ran again,she later found a place with Maeve,the last of a line of Celtic druids and healers....After she died,Marin once again turned to thoughts of avening her father's death and that led her t find first Will and then be reunited wiht John..shes joined robins gang and is unswervingly loyal but still has ideas of her own and is fiercly independant..Marin cares very much for people in general and her good intentions often get her into trouble.. Lyra-Lynne- Mid teensbrownish blonde hair and green eyes...Lyra is old enough to marry but when her father actually dared to try to try to arrange a marriage for her,the stubborn girl ran away..she is a first class con artist,thief as well as being a dedicated adrenalin junkie..Lyra actuaLLY wants to help people..she just wants ot have sme fun while shes doing it... ............................... YOUR NAME: Al Diaz YOUR CHARACTER NAME: Amin Ibn Omar Al Mansur, Simon De Bellem, Raven CHARACTER PHYSICAL AND PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION.: Amin is tall, black shoulder lenght hair, black eyes, tanned skin. Always dressed in black (pretty much like the captain of desert warriors that kept Hamanuptra in "the mummy") Simon de Bellem is from the serie. Raven, for now just a black bird. (until De Bellem spell in him is broken) ................................. YOUR NAME: Alex Rosher YOUR CHARACTER NAME: Robert de Sable/Grand Master of the Knight Templar, Richard de Bolougne/Sargent of the Knights, Gerard de Mountruil/Knight CHARACTER PHYSICAL AND PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION.: RS: 48 years old, abbot, extremely religious but also a ragious warrior, inquisitor kind of mind and behavior. He is looking for causes that the templars could support and receive benefits from it. RB: 33 years old, already fought in the crusades, loyal follower of Robert and devoted to the Militia Christi. G: Silent, keen observer. The cruelest of all the templars............... Your name: Calli Character name: Callista Brief Description and history: A magical gypsy, parents killed by evil twin sister. Has one blue eye and one brown eye, and has brown, golden, and silvery streaked hair. Personality: very nice, likes helping others Your name: Calli Character name: Jerinta Brief Description and history: A magical gypsy, killed parents. Callista's twin. Has green eyes, and has brown, golden, and coppery streaked hair. Personality: very evil, likes hurting others. .....................................................

YOUR CHARACTER: KeeFee, and he's a grumgeggle! (What's a grumgeggle??? I hear
you asking. I'll tell you) 
A grumgeggle is a branch-off of wood elves, but they are a lot wilder! They're very short, only a foot and a half tall, ugly as you can see, and the tail is prehensile. They don't have much magic though. The bit they can do is change thier shape to advoid detection. But there are two limits to this, first, they can only change into things that are the same mass as they are. They weigh around 20 pounds, so they can't become something like a horse or dragon. And then whatever they change into is UGLY as mud!! Have you ever walked thru a pottery or craft store and see something so ugly you can't understand why someone made it? Well, maybe they didn't! It was a grumgreggle you were looking at! (Some people consider chia pets as disguised grumgreggles but this theory has yet to be proven.) 
Grums live for and to cause trouble! Ever watch michevious chimps in a zoo? Well, grumgreggles are worse! And they don't wear clothes either. Magic spells have no effect on them, so if you don't know the proper way to get rid of one once he's decided to live with you, you're stuck!! 

Name: Rakarth Shadowblade
Specie: Dark Elf
Age: 283 years
Special powers: None
Skills: Night vision, tracking, and archery
Appearance: Like most elves, Rakarth are a bit thin and he seems pale compared to humans. He has long jet-black hair; blue eyes and his features are sharp. He’s very elegant and handsome. 
His clothes are dark-blue, almost black, and he often wears a blood-red cape. He’s armed with a sword and a longbow, but he doesn’t wear any armor. Like most elves, he loves silver, and he wears a silver amulet with red gem around his neck. He also has a silver-buckle in the shape of a dragon-head.
Personality: Rakarth is extremely arrogant. He regards anyone who’s not a Dark Elf as beneath him, and he regards the Dark Elves as the most civilized of all races. Those who know anything about the Dark Elves often have a completly different opinion about them, but telling them about it is usually not a good idea, since Dark Elves have a low tolerance towards barbarians. 
He’s proud, cruel and completly without mercy, and he respects nothing but power. He’ll gladly torture humans and other creatures to death, just for the pleasure of hearing them scream.
He loves silver, and the promise of that metal can sometimes bye his help, or make him go away.
History: Rakarth was born in the dark mountains to the east, as the first-born son of a Dark elf lord. Destined to inherit his fathers’ realm, Rakarth was taught by the greatest masters of the fighting arts in Nagoritha, as the dark mountains are called in the Elven tongue. He spend his youth hunting the strange creatures which inhabit the dark mountains, until he became so skilled that he kill one of the large manticores which roam Nagoritha, using nothing but his longbow. 
It was at that time that he heard about a great human archer, and he decided to seek out that human, and proves that HE was the finest archer in the world. And so he left Nagoritha, and traveled to England and made his way to Sherwood. Since no highborn Dark Elf would ever dream about living with the poor, Rakarth decided to offer his services to Prince John and Guy of Gisbourne, thus gaining a comfortable place to live, as well as some silver.
Name: Johann van Hal
Occupation: Witch Hunter.
Specie: Human
Age: 37
Special powers: None
Skills: Great orator, swordsman, fanatical. 
Appearance: He wears a dark cloak with a hood, and brown clothes. His eyes are bloodshot and full of fanaticism. He carries a long-sword; a crossbow which fires silver bolts, as well as several stakes and vials of holy water. He has black hair, and he has several scars from fights with witches and vampires.
Personality: Johann is completly devoted to his cause: The destruction of all witches, warlocks, vampires and other creatures of darkness. He’s totally without mercy, and he’ll gladly kill 10.000 innocent, if it means that he gets one witch. He doesn’t care about the innocent, since he believes that as long as they die in the cleansing flames, then their souls will be purged, and they’ll go to paradise. As far as he’s concerned, then he’s actually doing them a favor by burning them, since it’ll prevent them from becoming sinners. 
He’s a great orator, and he has been known to whip hole towns into a stage of absolute frenzy against the servants of darkness. After that, hundreds of men and women have been burned on the stake as witches and warlocks, so it’s not without reason that he’s fear wherever he goes.
He hates anything that has to do with magic; believing that it is the work of the devil, so not even court magicians can feel safe when Johann is near.
Past: Not much is known about Johann’s past, but he has the same name as the dreaded warlock Fredrick van Hal, who was killed almost 500 years ago. It’s possible that Johann is trying to atone for the sins of his ancestor, but no one knows for sure why he became a witch hunter. 
It’s also rumored that he has been send by the pope to deal with the heretics of England, who worship their old gods in secrecy. No one knows if this is true, since it appears that Johann only has one master: God himself, and he answers to no other. Not even to the King. He’s just as likely to burn an old woman, because she might be a witch, as he is to run one of his stakes through a noble lady, because he believes that she’s a vampire.
Name: Lree. Real name is unknown
Specie: Human… most of the time.
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Special powers: She’s a werewolf
Skills: As human: Minor survival skills.
As wolf: Night vision, keen sense of hearing and smell, regeneration.
Appearence: As human: 5 feet tall, a bit thin, with long blond hair and green eyes. She can’t wear clothes while in her wolf-shape, so she tend to wear whatever she can find.
As wolf: She’s average size for a wolf, with a gray coat. The hair around her neck is light brown and fluffy; looking a bit like a mane. She’s a true wolf, so she walks on all four. 
Personality: As a human: She knows all too well what most humans think about werewolves, so she tend to be shy and very careful of what she says and does. Once she really trusts you, she’s your friend for life, but mostly she doesn’t want people to learn what she really is. She dream about being released from the curse of the wolf, but she fears that it may never happen. 
As a wolf, she retains her human intelligence, but also gain some of the wolf’s instincts. She’s not bloodthirsty, and she’s mostly able to keep the darker side of the wold at bay. She understands everything human’s is saying to her, but can’t speak. She can always become a wolf at night, but she has to change when the moon is full. When the moon is full, she can even become a wolf during the day. She can heal almost any wound while in her wolf shape, unless a weapon made of silver caused it. 
History: She doesn’t like to speak about her past, and she doesn’t know how she became a werewolf, but apparently she was born with these powers. Usually it’s only men who are born as werewolves, and female werewolves are extremely rare. Women can only become werewolves if their mother carried the curse of the wolf, and then mated with a werewolf. 
Lree was born in a small village far away from Sherwood. Her father died before she was born, and her mother brought her up. Lree and her mother were very poor, but the girl did live a normal life until she reached puberty, when the wolf in her awoke. When the villagers discovered what kind of creature Lree was, they turned against the young girl and her mother. Her mother managed to save her only child, but as Lree fled the village, her mother was burned at the stake for have giving birth to a monster.
And so Lree made her way north, hoping to find a new place to live. When asked about her name, she called herself "Lree", so it would be more difficult for the villagers to find her. 
Name: Dechala
Specie: Succubus (female demon)
Gender: Female.
Age: Unknown.
Special powers: Shapeshifting, fast regeneration, and high pain threshold. She’s strongly resistant to sleep & charm spells, and has a certain amount of resistant to other forms of magic. 
Skills: Ability to fly. She’s a skilled fighter and possess great knowledge in torture and interrogation. Ability to speak several languages. 
Appearance: In her demon form, she’s a tall, beautiful woman, with long, curly red hair. She has high cheekbones and a perfect nose. She likes to smile a lot, revealing a pair of long fangs. She has big bat-like wings on her back, and a classic demon-tail. She has long claws on her hands as well as her feet, which looks a bit like the paws of a carnivore. 
If she wears clothes, then it’s usually made of black leather, and often reveals more than it hides. Her favorite weapon is a long, barbed whip, which causes terrible wounds. 
She doesn’t look that much different as a human, although she removes her wings and tail. She can just as easily fit in as a noble lady, as she can as a peasant girl.
Personality: She’s very cruel as well as highly seductive, preferring to play with her victims, before she crushes their hopes and dreams completly. She will go through anything to carry out her orders, but she prefers to use to her stunning beauty to achieve her goals. She’ll attempt to avoid direct combat, as she’s not as resilient to injuries as other demons, but she’ll never miss a fight that she thinks she can win. 
History: Not much is know about her, nor about her reason for appearing in Sherwood. She serves Amon ‘Chakai, a four-armed snake demon which the dark elves worship as a god. She has had several encounters with Johann van Hall, who she regards as her archenemy. 
It’s possible that she’s here to prevent Baron De Bellem and his demonic master from gaining too much power.