Kijsi,the mercenary.

NAME:: Kijsi DESCRIPTION:: the dark slanted eyes and dark hair of the asian peoples to the East..but his skin is slightly tanned from to much time out in the sun.. Md Twenties,In an effort to blend in,dresses in plain woolen tunics and shirt,never venturs out in daytime if he can help it,and almost always wears the cowl of his hood pulled low when he does.Used to war long dark hair in warrior's braid but has cut it in mourning..Hardly ever speaks for fear of his accent giving him away.. HISTORY::..Kijsi is a dispossessed Shaolin Monk..the Ming troops destroyed the Temple and the survivors scatered to all parts of the continent..this survivor attached himself to a caravan headed west and wound up here in the Crossroads of the world..Knowing as long as his people are hunted by the mongol invaders,he stays in hiding,waiting for the day when he hears news that the Temple has been rebuilt..for now,hires his services out as a bodyguard for rich patrons while they shop..or for goods making short trips in the area..